Artist's Institute: Arts Festival

This year, under the direction of Camille Edwards and Pia Fleischmann, the Artist's Institute is getting back to our roots in our classic Arts Festival style! This year's four week program will have us coming together to explore the arts, cultivate community, and grow ourselves as both artists and individuals.

We're so excited to have all-star A.I. alums Ellis & Owen Collier back once again! Many more of your favorite art teachers will be joining in the fun, including Yoaldri Messina, Kimo Kepano, Amanda Fisk, Mary Jo Allegraand more!

Each day students will engage in opportunities for artistic growth and expression, culminating with a classic Family BBQ & Festival-style sharing of our creative works! There will be singing; dancing; climbing silks; acting; immersive theater; visual and digital art; and, of course, focus on personal growth and community will be at the core of the program as it always has since its creation over twenty years ago.


All Details

Dates: June 22nd - July 17th Mon. through Fri. Closed Fri. July 3rd for the Holiday Weekend

Time: 9:30am - 4:30pm

Ages: For students entering KG - 10th Grade. Rising 10th Graders will be enrolled in the Intern Training Program, which will add leadership training into their day.

Cost: $3960 includes lunch and busing. Financial aid will be available for qualifying FA students.

Bus: There will be no busing available during the first week of the program. Busing will begin in the second week. Please make sure to have pick up and drop off arrangements for week one!

Lunch: The 5-Day lunch provided with the cost of the program includes a variety of fresh and delicious lunch choices throughout the week. Students can bring their own lunches and many do, however, please do not send nuts or nut products; we are a nut-free campus

come join us on this year's ai adventure

Come join us on this year's A.I. adventure!

Get ready to open a new door