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From the start of Friends Academy in 1876 to the present day, we are more than 4,200 Friends Academy Alumni strong—you are part of that important legacy.

A Connected Community of 4,200+

With alumni living just beyond our doors on Duck Pond Road, throughout the United States, and abroad in countries such as Australia, Czech Republic, Germany, Japan, India, and beyond, Friends Academy Alumni are making an impact in communities around the globe.  Our goals are to provide updates on the latest news from Friends Academy and to encourage alumni involvement in the life of the school. We hope that you will connect with us directly – by: 

  • Attending an event
  • Stopping by campus
  • Taking on a volunteer role, and more!

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Our robust and involved Alumni Association wants to hear from you and your ideas for connecting with each other, former teachers, and Friends Academy.

Alumni Association

Welcome to the Friends Academy Alumni Association.  The Alumni Association and its board serve as a resource- by connecting alumni in the US and abroad, by providing networking opportunities, by offering continuing education and much more. 


Peter Stein '79, P '17, '20, '23

Vice President

Penelope Wylie Mayer '75, P '13


Thomas Pascarella ’95

Alumni Board Members

Alana Teutonico Brock '94, P '26
Carole Ingrassia Bates '01, P '32, '34, '36
Pamela Bebry '05
Emily Brown '06
Katie Koufakis DeSvastich '07
Laura Dilimetin '83 
Garrett Dooley '05
Elisabeth Dillof Dreizen '78, P '03, '05, '09
Ariel Fish '00, P '32, '34
Liz Gambino '18
Jessica Granger '11
Ellen Field Greene '82, P '16, '18
Thomas Hawkins '78, P '10, '11, '13
Brett Hochberg '09
Caroline Johansen '10
Alexandra Kelly '06
Cristen Koufakis '09
John Koufakis '10
Alek Kucich '13
Hayley Kucich '03
Alexandra Wasp Loveless '01, P '33, '35
Eddie McNelis '11
Lauren Putter Menzin '81, P '13, '16
Hadley Mongell '01
Danielle Farrell O’Kane '06
Rebecca Pacchiano '07
Shayna Farrell Rafter '05
Heather Tilton Rubinstein '01
Lauren Russo '09
Keyonne Session '13
Salwa Touma '01

Would you like to learn more about the Alumni Board? Please contact Director of Advancement, Kevin Barry at kevin_barry@fa.org for more information.

Yearbook Archive

Access our Yearbook Archive at:


All yearbook PDFs are password protected. Friends Academy Alumni can contact the Alumni Office, alumni@fa.org to obtain the password to access individual yearbooks.

Alumni Awards

Distinguished Alumni Award

At Friends we prepare our students to be citizens with strong minds and kind hearts, people who lead by example. Each year Friends Academy presents the Distinguished Alumni Award to someone who has let his/her life speak. It is our hope that others will find the recipient’s life inspirational and will be motivated to devote themselves to a life of service. 

Distinguished Alumni Award Winners

2023    David Seeler '59
2022     Aisha K. Mix '91
2021     Andrew Menzin '81
2020     Peter Stein '79
2019     Michele Pistone '82
2018     William M. Wicker ’67
2017     Todd Jacobson ’93 
2016     Laurence Corash ’61 
2015     Paul Hand ’68 
2014     Sharon McGee Crary ’89 
2013     Marja Brandon ’79 
2012     Barbara Boyle Weaner ’73 
2011     Peter Galbraith ’56 
2010     Susan Stein Danoff ’60 
2009     John Gambling ’69 
2008     Thomas Carter ’59 
2007     James Greene ’74 
2006     Peter Darbee ’71 
2005     Warren Titus ‘44
2004     Elizabeth Keefer ‘66
2003     Kathleen Catapano ’95 
2002     Diana Dickson Wittmer ‘67
2001     Donald Smith ’44 
2000     Stephen Mills ’77 
1999     Elisabeth Salzhauer Axel ’83 
1998     Angela Van Rynbach ‘65
1997     Evette Beckett-Tuggle ’74 
1996     Victoria Baum Bjorklund ’70 
1995     Leon Rushmore ’27 
1994     Esther Hicks Emory ’19 
1992     Saidie Scudder ’24 
1991     Frederick Willits ’30 
1990     Robert Albertson ’45

Would you like to nominate someone for the Distinguished Alumni Award?

Please fill out this form with your nomination. 

Alumni Association Award

For the past several years, the Friends Academy Alumni Association has presented its Alumni Association Award to a graduate of distinction. The board has continued a theme that this award be presented to a member of the 50th reunion Class, and it is the highest honor given by the Alumni Association each year. Members of the 50th reunion class are invited to nominate classmates by sharing unselfish acts of kindness or special accomplishments; note that criteria is left purposefully non-specific to allow for the myriad of ways that “distinction” can be defined. 

Alumni Association Award Winners

2019     Margaret Whitney Shiels '52
2018     Lesley Graham ’68 
2017     Diana Dickson-Witmer ’67 
2016     Nancy Rauch Douzinas ’66 
2015     Angela Van Rynbach ’65 
2014     Lesley Birkett Jacobs ’64 
2013     William Sugden ’63 
2012     Vincent Van Brunt ’62 
2011     Craig White ’61 
2010     Ward Burian ’54 
2009     Donald Pollitt ’34 

Stay connected!

Please let us know how you would like to be involved. We want to hear from you – we want to know where you are and hear about what is happening in your life.  We look forward to seeing you on campus or in your city. In the meantime, thank you for visiting us online, and we hope to connect with you soon!

– Director of Alumni Relations, Jodie Sperico