Little Friends Daycare Program

Friends Academy offers an Infant Care Program and a Pre-Nursery/Toddler Program.  

Our infant program serves children ages 6 weeks to 18 months and offers a warm, secure environment in which your baby will flourish in the first year of his/her life.

The pre-nursery program that serves children ages 1 1/2 to 2+ years. In small groups, teachers focus on helping children interact and explore the sights, sounds and textures around them. Children are encouraged to learn at their own pace in a place they can feel secure. Age-appropriate toys and equipment make discovery fun. Play is the work of children. Our program offers developmentally appropriate activities designed to stimulate the interests and wonder of each child. Each activity is designed to be fun and engaging while having an educational value.

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Infant Program & Curriculum

6 - 18 Months


Click here for the Little Friends Curriculum Guide


Music and Movement

Music is enjoyed throughout the day. Our class is equipped with musical instruments, toys that sing and encourage children to interact. Our teachers dance, sing and inspire your children to join in the fun! Once a week, children enjoy music with a visiting professional music teacher.

Story Time: A Magical Experience

Your child will enjoy being read to often by their teacher. Story time is often enhanced with puppets and props to bring the story to life. Many board books and vinyl books are available for your baby to explore on their own or with the caregivers.

Gross Motor Skills

Tummy Time is Fun Time! Babies are encouraged to reach for toys, and roll to increase their core muscle strength. Soft balls and toys are used to encourage crawling. Your baby will have many opportunities to learn to walk.

Fine Motor Skills

The children are encouraged to grasp rattles, scoop up food, hold a bottle, and rake their hands through sand to improve their fine motor skills.

Outdoor Play

Friends Academy has a beautiful campus, and your child will enjoy walks in our covered buggie everyday as well as a quick stop at our playground for some fun on the swings!

Pre-Nursery/Toddler Curriculum

1.5 - 2+ Years


Click here for the Little Friends Curriculum Guide.


Mystery Bag – Be a Detective!

Our mystery bag project is similar to show and tell but with a twist! The children will take turns choosing an item from home to place in the bag and send it back with three clues as to what it is. The child then presents the bag and the clues to the class at gathering and his/her classmates have to guess the item. This activity builds self esteem verbal skills and problem solving. 

Gathered Meeting – You don't have to be a star to shine

Each start of the day, the children will have time to share a sentiment with their group, which can be as simple as sharing a Happy Thought. This meeting cultivates a sense of community and respect for one another as well as working to develop language skills and self confidence.

Story Time – Nurtures Love for Books and Reading

Children will enjoy group story time each day. This group activity helps develop language and social skills. Children will also be encouraged to enjoy our classroom library where they can find lots of age-appropriate books.

Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness
The following activities foster a sense of well-being and environmental awareness.

  • Yoga: A simple introduction to yoga is done in our indoor play area. Yoga’s benefits are improved strength, flexibility, concentration, body awareness, relaxation, self-control and a feeling of well-being – and best of all it’s fun!
  • Nature Hikes: Children will explore our wooded campus; learn about animals and plants native to our beautiful grounds. Nature projects will incorporate their explorations.
  • Gardening: Spring brings a wonderful opportunity to introduce children to gardening. The children will nurture seeds and seedlings and harvest herbs that appeal to the senses. The process is rewarding and they will gain respect for the origins of their food.


Gross Motor Development

Gross Motor Development
These activities promote physical movement and development.

  • Music & Movement: Children love music and can’t help moving to a song when they hear it! Music & Movement provides opportunities to explore feelings and relationships while developing listening skills, motor skills, and creativity.
  • Outdoor Play Time: Children will climb, play, and swing on our playground. Playground time is part of our daily ritual. In warmer weather children will also enjoy our outdoor water table and sandbox.


Fine Motor Development

Fine Motor Development
These activities help develop smaller movements and intricate abilities.

  • Art Time: At this age, art is all about process, the product is secondary. Art provides children with a wide range of sensory experiences and promotes eye-hand coordination and of course creativity.
  • Blocks/Puzzles/Manipulative: Children will build, touch and experiment while developing eye-hand coordination and problem-solving skills.
  • Dramatic Play: Our dramatic play corner encourages children to imagine and imitate the world around them. Children can play independently or share their playful side together.



  • Library: Storytime at the Library focuses on early literacy as it helps children develop a joy for learning language and enjoying books. 
  • Music: Music, rhythm, and dance help young children to build memory skills, listening and vocabulary skills, social skills and teach them a variety of concepts as they sing about different topics. An introduction to basic instruments will help the children keep the beat. Our weekly music lessons with a specialized teacher will not only build skills but it will bring enjoyment and smiles to all!
  • Gym: Children enjoy running, jumping, throwing, catching balls, hula hoops, frisbees, and group activities.


Fees & Enrollment

2022-23 School Year

Friends Academy provides the option of a five- or three-day program.

Infant (6 weeks to 18 months)
(Morning session not an option for infants)
[3] Days Full-Day Session: Monthly - $1,058; Annually - $10,580
[5] Days Full-Day Session: Monthly - $1,630; Annually - $16,300

Pre-Nursery/Toddler Full-Day Session (18 mos. - 36 mos.): 8:00 AM to 3:00 pm
[3] Days Full-Day Session: Monthly - $1,040; Annually - $10,400
[5] Days Full-Day Session: Monthly - $1,600 Annually - $16,000

Pre-Nursery/Toddler Morning Session (18 mos. - 36 mos.): 8:00 AM to 11:30 am
[3] Days Morning Session: Monthly - $605; Annually - $6,050
[5] Days Morning Session: Monthly - $912; Annually - $9,120

Late Pick Up Fee:
Additional charge for children in attendance from 7:30am-8:00am and 3:00pm-5:00pm- $8.00 per every half hour.

* Upon submission of the enrollment form, a 10% deposit (of annual tuition) is required to hold your child's place in the program. The deposit will offset your last monthly bill for the school year in June. Your deposit will be forfeited if you pull your child from the program or reduce their enrollment schedule during the year.

* Billing is done monthly in advance based on the selected enrollment schedule. Program rates include snack. Breakfast and lunch are not provided.

* Program space is limited.


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