Friends Academy’s powerful foundation of Quaker values encourage student-athletes to push themselves to develop the key skills of resiliency and critical thinking that are necessary in today's athletic realm.  Our team sports provide student-athletes a place to transform our values into sportsmanship and success across one of the most competitive leagues on Long Island.

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"At Friends Academy, the competitive success we’re striving for is rooted in our drive to inspire greatness together – to rally together as teams and as a school community. Our team culture precedes the desires of any individual player. When we live out this philosophy, we are able to focus on the Quaker tenets of respect, stewardship, and integrity, which makes us better athletes, better teammates, and better people."
– Diana Parente, Director of Athletics

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Upper School Athletics

Our athletes compete with great success in Section VIII of Nassau County Public High School Athletic Association. Though we are the smallest school in the association – and the only independent school – we've fielded championship teams in eight different sports for boys and girls in recent years and have won numerous awards for good sportsmanship. And the opportunities to be an athlete and a leader are far greater here than at most larger schools. 



Varsity Sports


Of Upper Schoolers Play at least one sport

Winter Sports

Boys Varsity Basketball
Boys JV Basketball
Girls Varsity Basketball
Girls JV Basketball
Boys Varsity Ice Hockey
Girls Varsity Ice Hockey
Coed Varsity Squash
Coed Winter Track

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Spring Sports

Boys Varsity Baseball
Coed Spring Crew
Boys Varsity Golf
Girls Varsity Golf
Boys Varsity Lacrosse
Boys JV Lacrosse
Girls Varsity Lacrosse
Girls JV Lacrosse
Girls Varsity Softball
Boys Varsity Tennis
Boys JV Tennis
Boys Track & Field
Girls Track & Field

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Middle School Athletics

Through physical education and athletics, Middle School students develop skills of athleticism and fitness, while learning to understand the values of team, school, and community.

In 5th and 6th grade, all students participate in physical education. Meanwhile, all 7th and 8th graders participate in a team sport each season, with practices built into the school day. 

Athletics should foster values such as; cooperation, a strong work ethic, fair play, grace in victory and defeat, and respect for teammates, coaches, opponents, and officials. Athletics develop individual skills, provide opportunity for personal enjoyment, and give a sense of belonging and accomplishment.



Middle School Sports Offered


Middle Schoolers Play a Team Sport Each Season

Winter Sports

Grade 8 Boys Basketball
Grade 8 Girls Basketball
Grade 7 Boys Basketball
Grade 8 Boys Basketball
MS Boys Volleyball
MS Girls Volleyball
MS Squash

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Spring Sports

MS Boys Baseball
MS Boys Lacrosse
MS Girls Lacrosse
MS Girls Softball
MS Boys Track & Field
MS Girls Track & Field

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Awards and Recognitions

Each year we are proud of the achievements our student-athletes earn through teamwork, determination, patience, resiliency – and always with joy for their teammates.

Spring 2023

Dylan Rorech '23 Newsday Top 100
Blake Knopf '23 All-League
Cole Beyer '23 All-League

Boys Golf
Jack Estrella '24 Newsday Top Ten, All-State, All-County
Sean Shallat '24 Newsday Top Ten, All-State, All-County
Will Green '24 All-County
Everett Williams '24 All-County

Girls Golf
Ava Estrella '26 Newsday Top Ten, All-State
Joy Biondi '25 All-County

Boys Lacrosse
Campbell Florence '24 Newsday Top 100, All-County Honorable Mention
Will Bystrom '23 All-Conference
Cooper Schultz '24 All-Conference

Girls Lacrosse
Rachel Dooley Conference III Coach of the Year
Skylar Cohen '24 Newsday Top Ten, All-County
Paris Panagopoulos '23 Newsday Top Ten, All-County
Gabbie Hudak '27 All-County Honorable Mention
Sofia Schwarz '26 All-County Honorable Mention
Melanie Schwab '24 All-Conference
Dylan Wolf '26 Unsung Hero

Eleni Vrahatis '25 All-Conference
Natalia Tauter '23 Senior Scholar Athlete

Boys Tennis
Owen Kassimir Long Island Tennis Magazine Coach of the Year
Russell Notaris '24 Newsday Top 30, All-State, All-County
Alistair Wright '23 Newsday Top 30, All-State, All-County
Bryan Bin '26 All-Conference
Zack Cohen '24 All-Conference
Danny Duke '24 All-Conference
Will Bohner '26 Unsung Hero
Ryan Chang '26 All-Division
Ryder Kazerman '24 All-Division
Henry Koelmel '25 All-Division
Ali Sayan '24 All-Division
Vir Vinnay Singh '26 All-Division
Alec Wachsman '24 All-Division
Ryan Zouak '23 All-Division
Vedant Rawat '25 Sportsmanship Award

Track & Field
Aislinn Frazer '25 Newsday Top 25, All-Division, All-County
Dijaye Carpenter '23 All-Division, All-County
Clementine Constantino '24 All-Division, All-County
Cynthia Eustache '26 All-Division, All-County
Abby Frazer '26 All-Division
Olivia Carden '23 All-County
Ava Jaklitsch '26 All-County
Logan Alvarez '24 All-Division, All-County
Jackson Brielmann '23 All-Division, All-County
Will Davis '25 All-Division, All-County
Ben Martin '23 All-Division, All-County
Josh McKenzie '24 All-Division, All-County
Daren Zhong '26 All-Division

Winter 2022-23

Boys Basketball
Matt Johnsen Conference A5 Coach of the Year
Jackson O'Brien '24 All-County
Ziad Ashmawy '23 All-Conference
Jake Bock '24 All-Conference
Kyle Kramer '24 All-Conference
Logan Mott '23 All-Conference
Malachi Polson '23  All-Conference
Eyan Valadez '27 All-Conference

Girls Basketball
Elle Russell '24 All-Class
Sienna Smith '24 All-Class
Boys Ice Hockey
Will Bystrom '23 All-Star
Teddy Kenny ' 25 All-Star
Cooper Schultz '24 All-Star

Indoor Track
Aislinn Frazer '25 Newsday Top 100, County Champion 1500M and 3000M, All County 4X400 and 1000M
Olivia Carden '23 All-County
Dijaye Carpenter '23 All-County
Cynthia Eustache ''26 All-County
Logan Alvarez '24 All-County
Ben Martin '23 All-County

Fall 2022

Cross Country
Aislinn Frazer '25 Nassau County Runner of the Year, Newsday Top 25, All-State, County Champion
Abby Frazer '26 All-County
Charlotte Knight '24 All-County
Ava Jaklitsch '26 All-County
Charlotte Yanke '25 All-County
Daren Zhong '26 All-County

Field Hockey
Heidi Brown '23 All-County
Adriana Lloves '24 All-County Honorable MentionNewsday All-Long Island Second Team
Daphne Lizza '25 All-Conference
Natalia Tauter '23 All-Conference
Laila Walker '24 All-Conference
Serena Saad '23 Exceptional Senior
Harper Semlies '26  Unsung Hero

Girls Soccer
Coach Vincenza DeCrescenzo Conference A2 Coach of the Year
Danielle Davis '23 All-American Game, All-State, All-Long Island First Team, Newsday Top 100, All-County, Conference Player of the Year
Maya Morey '24 All-County, Newsday Top 100
Arianna Quan-Soon-Victor '24 All-County
Sophia Diaz '26 All-County Honorable Mention
Fiona Dougherty '25 All-County Honorable Mention
Gabi Sandoval '24 All-County Honorable Mention
Katherine Goldstein '26 All-Conference
Dafna Jakubiak '24 All-Conference
Alexa Moschetto '23 All-Conference
Paris Panagopoulos '23 Section VIII Girls Soccer Scholar Athlete

Boys Soccer
Logan Mott '23 Newsday Top 100
Jake Bock '24 All-County
Max Cohen '23 All-County Honorable Mention
Dylan Leon '26 All-County Honorable Mention
John O'Sullivan '24 All-Conference
Edwin Saravia '24 All-Conference
Josh Chen '23  Section VIII Girls Soccer Scholar Athlete

Girls Tennis
Isabella Sha '23 All-State, All-County, Newsday Top 30, Newsday All-Long Island First Team, News 12 Scholar-Athlete of the Week
Skylar Cohen '24 All-County
Sofia Schwarz '26 All-County
Eva Sun '24 All-County

Athletics Lens: Video Stories

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Quakers in College


Friends Academy has a long-standing history of student-athletes going on to compete at the next level – allowing our alumni to "let their lives speak" at colleges and universities that are a good fit both academically and athletically. 

Friends Academy Class of 2023

Cate Barry Crew Princeton
Jackson Brielmann Track & Field Colby
Olivia Carden Track & Field Emory
Dijaye Carpenter Track & Field Emory
Danielle Davis Soccer Clemson
Meg Gillies Crew Hamilton
Ben Martin Track & Field Colby
Logan Mott Track & Field Holy Cross
Paris Panagopoulos Lacrosse Yale
Malachi Polson Basketball


Dylan Rorech Baseball Villanova
Ines Roti Tennis


Friends Academy Class of 2022

Erick Almendares Soccer Boston College
Madison O'Sullivan Soccer Binghamton College
Charlotte Semlies Lacrosse University of Chicago


Friends Academy Class of 2021

Ella Barry Crew Princeton University
Julia Bonvino Equestrian Long Island University
Billy Daal Football The Taft School (post-grad)
Alex Douglas Basketball Trinity College
Meriwether Florence Lacrosse Dartmouth College
Caroline Green Track & Field Williams College
Sydney Kang Lacrosse Amherst College
Madison Mack Soccer Union College
Albert Paniccia Lacrosse Providence College
Gretchen Waechter Soccer Lafayette College


Friends Academy Class of 2020

Caroline Carrello Lacrosse George Mason University
Aaron Daniels Football Muhlenberg College
Jack Davis Track & Field Williams College
Tyler Henry Football Washington University
Liam Jachetta Golf Bowdoin College
Pius Lo Tennis Hamilton College
Leah Loetman Track & Field Colby College
Madeline Rice Sailing University of Pennsylvania
Henry Schoeffel Crew Western University
Daniel Selby Baseball Washington & Lee University


Friends Academy Class of 2019

Josie Coleman Crew Brown University
Eve Fine Soccer California Institute of Technology
Joe Horne Baseball Wells College
Andrew Leogrande Soccer Bentley University
Chas Merrill Squash Williams College
Ryan Scarpa Fencing Brown University
Jared Toby Baseball Bard College


Our State-of-the-Art Facilities

Friends Academy's 65-acre campus houses a sprawling athletic complex suited to all of our student-athletes' needs. The Athletics building is home to the Main Gym, where Boys and Girls basketball teams play, as well as an expansive Fieldhouse with three basketball courts and an indoor track, a full weight room, and a cardio fitness room. Outside, the campus boasts five tennis courts, a brand-new turf field for soccer, lacrosse, and field hockey, a football field, an outdoor track and field arena, four grass practice fields, a softball field, a baseball field, and over a mile of scenic cross country trails. All competition and practice areas are centrally located, creating a sense of community amongst all student-athletes. 

What Parents Need to Know

Our successful athletics programs are just one of the things that make Friends Academy special. To learn more, get our viewbook which includes more insights into our mission and philosophy, including:

  • How we empower our students to create change
  • What makes our community so strong
  • How we practice peace, justice, and understanding
  • Day-to-day life at Friends Academy
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