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This weekend, the Friends Academy Arts Department performed their annual full-length winter musical production – SpongeBob: The Musical! With tap-dancing, high-kicking choreography, vibrant costumes, and a set that featured porthole projections, live sound effects, and special effects of fog, bubbles, and confetti streamers, the Upper School cast and crew sung their way into our hearts. From Patchy the Pirate’s interaction with the audience, including giving out “souvenir programs,” to the catchy all-ensemble numbers, this play was one not to miss. Congratulations to all who were involved in this fun, lovable, and uplifting production – especially the Class of 2023! 

View more photos from the production on our Flickr site.


Photos by Amanda Fisk '99


SpongeBob Squarepants, Cassian Gerasimenko | Patrick Star, Ava Silverstein | Sandy Cheeks, Theoni Hiotis
The French Narrator, Serena Saad | Patchy the Pirate, Richard Wang | Sheldon Plankton, Mark Jennings
Karen the Computer, Andie Herman | Mr. Krabs, Richard Zhu | Pearl Krabs, Clementine Constantino
Squidward Tentacles, Taylor Fernandez

Sardines, Pirates, and Sea Anemones
Hannah Byron, Tina Tang, Eric Ding, Lara Fortunoff, Armon Kaul, Mackenzie Breg, Marina Krichmar, and Eleanor Lawton Flatters

The Electric Skates
Jemima Constantino, Diane Qiu, and Charli Zahtila

The Security Guards
Cara Soscie and Edward Li

The Citizens of Bikini Bottom
The Mayor, Anika Bhatia | Perch Perkins, Chris Kontos| Old Man Jenkins, Justin Kelly
Johnny the Bartender, Delia Zhong | Mrs. Puff, Christina Grasso |Larry the Lobster, Edward Ye
Buster Bluetang, Kody Mitchell


Director, Peter Saunders | Stage Manager, Angelina Posada
Lighting Design, Nell Kurita (Mentored by David Shocket)
Jonah Casey and Everett Williams (Mentored by Charles A. Martinez)
Choreography, Yoaldri | Dance Captain, Justin Kelly | Vocal Direction, Laura Backley
Technical Director & Set Design, Tye Burris | Costume Design, Pia Fleischmann and Selina Collier
Costume Crew
Sophia Diaz, Natalia Gambino, Maddie Halliday, Molly Halliday, Daphni Li, Krista Sensale, and Lucy Yang
Props, Olivia Peng and Angelina Posada | Stage Crew, Ellis Collier, Meg Gillies, and OIivia Peng
Follow Spot Operators, Raghav Bansal and Bella Gonzalez | Poster and Projections, Amanda Fisk
Projector Operator, Peter Hiotis | Light Board Operator, Krista Sensale
Production Video, Sarah Camhi | Production Support, Andrew Geha

Pit Band:

Conductor, Sam Towse
Drums, Spencer Towse
Richard Walka
Bass, Jakob Rechtweg
Violin, Linxuan Zhang
Guitar, James Liverani
Guitar, Michael Hilgendorf
Keyboard, Jack Kotze
Woodwinds, Glenn Guidone
Trombone, Michael Richardson
Trumpet, Peter Deschler
Percussion, Dan Gross

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Fill out the form below to receive updates on the latest and greatest within the Friends Academy community.