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“Journey to the Past,” is what a central character in the much-loved Broadway musical, Anastasia once sang, and that’s exactly what Friends Academy fourth graders did during their recent Wax Museum.

LS Wax Museum 4th grade Jess D-59

Open to parents, the event featured four different rooms filled with historical figures, past and present, brought to life by intricately costumed students who delivered monologues that detailed the major achievements of each figure’s life.

LS Wax Museum 4th grade Jess D-71

As guests filed through a corridor transformed into a mansion-like library, Fourth Grade teacher Jessie DellaFera – dressed from head to toe in colonial period garb – directed the crowds into various rooms that featured a backdrop of navy blue paneling and stately columns. 

LS Wax Museum 4th grade Jess D-74

Throughout the museum experience, parents and family members listened to the life stories of Alexander Hamilton, Marie Curie, Justice Sonia Sotomayor, Leonardo da Vinci, Helen Keller, Isaac Newton, Benedict Arnold, Abraham Lincoln, and many more, in a round-robin format, cycling from one room to the next.

LS Wax Museum 4th grade Jess D-89

“I helped form a modern relationship between the monarchy and the people that still exists today,” declared Aubrey Davis/Princess Diana in a lilting British accent. “I hope my story inspires you to do the best with what you have. With all my disappointments, I never stopped caring about others,” she concluded.

LS Wax Museum 4th grade Jess D-45

Holding a gavel and dressed in Supreme Court Justice robes, Keira Gobindram explained the process that originated with choosing a biography and culminated with presenting in character. “I had to do a lot of research and I also had to read a lot stories about her. I even read one of the books she wrote,” she exclaimed. “I saw her in the background of the State of the Union too!”

LS Wax Museum 4th grade Jess D-48

LS Wax Museum 4th grade Jess D-47

With messages of inspiration, each public figure urged their audience to seek meaning and depth in life. “I hope my story inspires you to work hard, discover new things and never give up,” said Isaac Newton. “I hope this inspires you to be a very equal leader,” stated Theodore Roosevelt. “I hope my story always inspires you to stand up for what you believe in,” encouraged Coretta Scott King.

LS Wax Museum 4th grade Jess D-52

As students ended their monologues, a clanging reverberated from the corridor. “Time to change rooms!” called out Museum Town Crier Mrs. DellaFera as she swung a large golden bell from side to side.

In their fourth-grade nonfiction literacy unit, students embarked on an enriching journey of biography research on a prominent figure. “Through this process, students delved into the lives of historical figures, discovering the challenges they faced, the triumphs they achieved, and the impact they left on the world,” explained Mrs. DellaFera. 

As students meticulously gathered information from various sources such as books, websites, and databases, they practiced their research and notetaking skills, learning to extract key details, practicing their organizational skills, and strengthening their attention to detail.

LS Wax Museum 4th grade Jess D-43

“Through biography research, students not only expanded their knowledge of history but also developed empathy and understanding for diverse perspectives,” said Mrs. DellaFera. 

As students dove deeper into the lives of these remarkable individuals, fourth graders gained an understanding of the power of resilience and determination. 

LS Wax Museum 4th grade Jess D-34

“I had a huge smile painted on my face during this entire event! I was so incredibly proud listening to each student speak with such conviction, passion, and charisma. It was such a special and memorable day celebrating their learning and hard work!” praised Mrs. DellaFera.

LS Wax Museum 4th grade Jess D-69

Standing next to her biographical poster, Sean Dooley reflected on what she might have asked her historical figure, Anne Frank, given the chance. “I think I would have asked her, ‘What was it like during that time and how hard was it?’”

Across the room, Abraham Lincoln wrapped up his life’s story. He ended with a simple, but powerful refrain. “I hope I inspire you to do your part in this beautiful country.”

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LS Wax Museum 4th grade Jess D-50

Photography by Alvin Caal/Friends Academy

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