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Unlocking the full potential of your exceptional child is a top priority for any parent. With so many options available, it’s natural to wonder if private school will be worth the investment for your family. 

At Friends Academy, we believe that investing in a private education is a powerful tool that provides exceptional students with the academic rigor and social growth they deserve.

What is Private School?

Private schools are independent educational institutions that secure their funding through student tuition, donations, and endowments instead of government support. While public schools have to follow a curriculum set by their school district, private schools can develop programs that specifically align with their educational philosophies and goals. But that doesn’t mean private schools can teach whatever they want — they’re still beholden to academic standards set by an accreditation body. 

What are the Benefits of Private School?

Tailored Instruction for Individualized Growth

With smaller classes than most public schools, private school teachers can adjust their methods and materials to meet the unique needs, interests, and learning styles of each student. 

Tailored instruction allows teachers to address any gaps or challenges students face and ensure they receive the necessary tools and resources to overcome obstacles. This personalized approach ensures every student gets the support they need to succeed academically and personally. As a result, students feel understood, supported, and empowered to reach their full potential. 

Fostering a Strong Community for Social and Emotional Development

Healthy development of social and emotional skills is essential no matter where you send your children to school. Feeling a sense of belonging and connection within a community supports students’ overall well-being, boosts confidence, and fosters a positive self-image. 

By addressing their unique needs and providing a supportive environment, private schools can empower exceptional students and help them develop the necessary skills to navigate challenges, succeed academically, and build fulfilling relationships. Students learn not only from their teachers but also from one another, forming deep connections and lasting friendships. 

Exposing Your Child to a Diverse and Enriching Curriculum

In general, private schools have a remarkable ability to cultivate a strong community that supports social and emotional development in students. These schools prioritize creating a nurturing and inclusive environment, fostering a sense of belonging and connection among students, parents, and teachers. 

Without the constraints of Common Core and standardized testing, private school teachers have the freedom to explore diverse teaching approaches that go beyond rote memorization and test preparation.

By offering a wide range of subjects and educational experiences, private schools provide exceptional students with opportunities to explore their interests, expand their knowledge, and discover their unique talents. They recognize that education goes beyond academics and strive to teach essential life skills such as empathy, respect, and resilience.

Preparing Students for College Success

When it comes to college admissions, private schools provide a distinct advantage through their robust college counseling programs. According to Forbes, private school students made up only 8.5% of American students in 9-12th grades in 2019, but they accounted for nearly 40% of the incoming freshmen classes at Harvard and Yale for 2025, and over 40% of the class of 2026 at Dartmouth. 

These impressive acceptance rates highlight the effectiveness of private school college counseling in preparing students for the competitive college application process. Private schools invest in personalized guidance, help students craft compelling applications, navigate financial aid, and establish relationships with college admissions officers. 

By offering comprehensive support and leveraging their networks, private schools pave the way for students to achieve their college aspirations and maximize their future potential.

Nurturing Character and Values through Quaker Education

At Friends Academy, we firmly believe that Quaker values are essential for academic excellence and create a rigorous and academically stimulating learning model. As a Quaker school, we prioritize character development and ethical decision-making, infusing our core Quaker values of peace, integrity, equality, and community into every aspect of school life. This foundation sets the stage for an educational experience that goes deeper than surface-level learning.

A Quaker education encourages students to explore complex ideas and engage in critical thinking, helping students absorb knowledge, understand it in context, and contemplate its implications. Through reflection and open dialogue, students are encouraged to ask big questions, challenge assumptions, and develop their own unique perspectives.

Quaker values aren't only about individual growth, but also about creating a supportive and inclusive community where every student feels valued and respected. We foster an environment that encourages conflict resolution, empathy, and understanding. This helps students develop the social and emotional skills needed to thrive academically and personally.

Should You Send Your Children to Private School?

Ultimately the choice of where to send your children for school should be based on your family’s specific needs and priorities. Educational philosophy and academic programs are important, but you should also consider how tuition and geographic location will affect your decision.  

Private schools excel at providing academic and social stimulation, setting them apart from public education. While public schools play a vital role in our education system and provide valuable opportunities for many students, they're not the right fit for everyone. If you’re considering sending your children to private school, but aren’t completely assured of their value, the following could be a sign that your child needs academic or social stimulation that public schools can’t provide. 

4 Signs Your Child Would Benefit from Private Education

High Achievement or Exceptional Talent

If your child consistently exceeds expectations academically or exhibits exceptional talent in the arts, sciences, athletics, or any other field, private school can offer an environment that nurtures and enhances their exceptional abilities. Some indicators include:

  • Consistently surpassing academic benchmarks set for their grade
  • A strong aptitude for scientific thinking, problem-solving, and mathematical reasoning
  • Displaying a natural gift in music, visual arts, drama, or any other artistic form
  • Displaying exceptional talent in athletics or exceptional physical abilities

Lack of intellectual engagement

If your child consistently feels unchallenged in their current academic setting, it could be an indication that they need more intellectually stimulating opportunities to thrive and grow. Some indicators include:

  • Consistently expressing a sense of being unchallenged by their current coursework
  • No longer showing excitement about their academic pursuits 
  • Not feeling challenged to stretch their abilities, encounter new ideas, or engage in meaningful discussions

Struggle to Find a Sense of Belonging

If your child has trouble making friends or seems to struggle with social connections in their current school, it may be a sign that they need a more supportive and inclusive environment. Some indicators include:

  • Difficulty building friendships in their current school
  • Expressing feelings of social isolation or exclusion
  • Social anxiety, reluctance to participate in group activities, or withdrawal from social interactions

Unique Learning Style or Specialized Interests

If your child demonstrates a unique learning style or has particular interests that aren't adequately supported by the traditional public school system, a school that can provide tailored instruction could be beneficial. Some indicators include:

  • Struggling with traditional teaching methods or showing a limited response to the standard curriculum
  • Displaying exceptional talent or a deep passion in a particular area that isn’t fully nurtured by their current school
  • Seeking more knowledge or challenging subjects beyond the standard curriculum

Is Private School Worth the Investment?

Choosing private education for your exceptional child is not an expense, it is a long-term investment. By integrating values, specialized programs, and personalized attention into the educational experience, private schools prepare exceptional students to become not only successful individuals but also responsible and compassionate contributors to society. They instill a sense of responsibility toward others and teach the importance of using their gifts and talents to better the community. 

While the cost of private education can be an initial barrier, Friends Academy offers solutions to help make private school accessible. Our needs-based financial aid is designed to bridge the gap between the cost of tuition and what a family can afford to pay. 

Investing in your child's education is one of the most important decisions you can make. We’re committed to partnering with families and exploring every possible option to make a Friends Academy education a reality for exceptional students, regardless of financial circumstances.

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