Our Future

Guided by two of our core values, integrity and simplicity, “Realizing the Promise Within” gives us focus around five strategic goals:

"Promise Realized" 
Our Strategic Plan Five Years Later

At the heart of this plan was the question “How can we cultivate each student’s full promise?” Take a look at where we are now.

Strategic Plan Five Year Update Cover

The origins of our Strategic Initiatives

In the Fall of 2018, we launched our Five-Year Strategic Plan. The plan was designed to provide school leadership with a framework to focus and guide decision-making. This plan clearly outlined our institutional aspirations, laid out our bold vision for our future, and provided a blueprint for realizing our vision. 

2022 State of the School Address

In May 2022, Head of School Andrea Kelly provided an update on our five-year Strategic Plan, "Realizing the Promise Within," highlighting Friends Academy's strides in the plan's first three years and outlining exciting goals ahead. 

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